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Campion Social Service Cell

As a part of student social responsibility, we offer an opportunity to students to develop their social awareness for a good ethical and socially impeccable behaviour. Campion Social Service Cell plans various annual projects well in advance. Teachers would also assist students to prepare the roadmap, convert it into various subtasks and identify the steps under each subtask minutely.

The cell also generates fund to support its programme. We have formulated a project work to make our students understand “Dignity of Labour”. Also as responsible citizens of the country, it is our duty to make our children understand and comprehend the value of hard work and money. We appeal to parents to support this project work and help students to understand the factual and true meaning of “Dignity of Labour” by giving the student any small manual work like gardening, cleaning the house, cleaning vehicles, babysitting, helping children to do holiday homework, dusting furniture and in return a token amount for service as salary should be paid to the student. The amount should not be more than Rs.50/-,any amount less than that can be given as salary. The amount will be donated to Campion Social Service Cell. The funds raised will be used for various social causes supported by Campion.

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